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What is BizDay.LA?
BizDay.LA is a YouTube channel for business enthusiasts.
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What is Business?

Business is cooperation.

Business inspires all of us to work together, and to win together.

Business lets us manufacture in Singapore and ship to Barbados through locks engineered in Panama, financed in Switzerland.

Business enables each of us to specialize in a skill, and to convert our valuable output into currency. Through business, we can trade our currency with other specialists to get the things we need.

Business enables a physician in Nairobi to use a computer designed in Cupertino to order medical supplies conceived in Berlin from a factory operating in Shenzhen.

Business is Ubuntu, the Zulu word meaning "I am because we are."

Business links all of us together.

BizDay.LA is a YouTube channel for business enthusiasts like you. Enjoy content that wrestles with challenges you face every day, such as...



What do customers want? How do you build the product that customers purchase with enthusiasm?



Should you hire a team of in-house software developers? How about outsourcing overseas?

Growth Strategies


You already have a successful business. How do you make it bigger?



How can leaders grow a company when critical talent is so tough to procure?

Investment Strategies


You just sold a business. How do you invest the proceeds? What’s next for your career?

Startup Strategies


You have an idea for a great startup. What should you do next?

Exit Strategies


You are running a large, successful enterprise. How do you extract value so you can move on to your next venture?

Early Collaborators

Business leaders from several visionary companies collaborated to launch BizDay.LA.

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